Small business owners are saving over 50% on health insurance

Big Benefits For Small Businesses

By partnering with us, you and your employees will have access to the same level of benefits provided to large corporations, including:

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Group Health Plans

Vision and Dental

Large group health insurance & benefits, payroll, human resources, and compliance - all in one place

You will have peace of mind knowing that MPP is ensuring you adhere to all federal and state employment law and tax filings. And, you no longer need to worry about the logistics associated with HR.

Fortune 500 Benefits

Life Insurance including $20k

Short and Long Term Disability

Low fee 401k

We've got you covered!


Gain recruiting power while improving retention, protecting your current employees and helping them prepare for the future by offering a corporate-level benefit packages. We’ve partnered with trusted providers like Slavic 401k to bring you top-notch benefits.


Good healthcare options are critical for employee happiness, retention and security. We work with United Healthcare and American Fidelity to give you and your employees access to benefits usually only available to large corporations at affordable rates.


Payroll can take up days of your time, let us take over and refocus that time into what matters most, your business. Sail through tax season without the worry of whether or not you are filing correctly. Let us handle your payroll taxes 


As your business expands, so do your HR needs. Save money and time- let us be your HR department and give your contract employees the support they need so your HR department can focus on your full-time workers.


Turn your 1099 employees into W2 employees by letting us be the Employer or Record and avoid issues with government regulations. Let us be sure you are adhering to the ever-changing government laws and regulations - we’re on top of it.